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Professional cosmetics for hair care

Professional hair cosmetics is a step towards beautiful and healthy hair! Buy professional hair cosmetics in the ZAYA online store! Here you can buy Botox, keratin, nanoplasty for procedures at home. Professional hair cosmetics will help restore your hair's natural shine, beauty, health, strength, elasticity, softness and smoothness. 

Professional hair cosmetics, which are used in popular beauty salons, are available online in the ZAYA online store, where you can buy them with free delivery in Kyiv and all over Ukraine. The price of cosmetics in the ZAYA online store is affordable to satisfy the desires of all customers. The products have all the necessary certificates that confirm their quality and guarantee that they are 100% original.

Using shampoo is an integral part of hair care. The product not only provides cleanliness and freshness, but also restoration, strengthening, and protection, helping to return hair to its natural shine and healthy look. Today the market has a large selection of products for home and salon use. In our catalog, you will find the following brands: BenelissVitael, Deeply, Raywell, Envie, Mimare, TOP BEAUTY.

On our website, you can inexpensively buy compositions for any type of hair and scalp, which will qualitatively solve all problems. The products presented on the site have the necessary certificates of quality. We value our customers' time and health, so we are interested in keeping them coming back for more. If you are going to buy shampoo for hair in Ukraine, or in Poland, Germany, the Czech Republic, England, the USA, France, Lithuania, Estonia, then please contact us. It does not matter where you live, in New York, Krakow, Ostrava, Prague, Berlin, London, Tallinn, Paris, or Lisbon. Our qualified specialists will do everything to make sure that you are satisfied with your choice.

Hair conditioner is the next important step after cleansing

After washing the hair scales, slightly lift up, thus increasing the tendency to damage from external factors. To close the scales and restore the structure, it is necessary to apply a hair conditioner regularly. The gentle action of this product makes the hair soft, smooth, silky, and elastic. Modern companies produce conditioners for all hair types, taking into account their needs and peculiarities.

Buy hair conditioner: tips

Today in the Ukrainian market of the beauty industry there are products of various world and domestic brands. Of course, if you are not a professional in this field, it is very difficult to make the right choice. We are always happy to help you. ZAYA online store keeps up-to-date, and we are constantly adding new products to our catalog, which have no analogs. The site has a large number of unique products worthy of close attention: Vitael, Max Blowout, BeoxDeeply, Mimare.

Hair Masks - indispensable hair care

Hair masks are effective products for the reconstruction of curls, they penetrate deep into the structure due to the impact and active ingredients. The conditioner will never replace a professional hair mask. On our website, we widely offer products from the world's leading brands, in particular: Vitael, Mimare, Raywell, Envie, KayPro and others.

Taking into account the discounts and promotions that our online store constantly holds, customers have the opportunity to profitably buy cosmetics from well-known manufacturers.

Some products work only with the cuticle and do not go deeper. They improve the hair for a while, smooth it out and add shine, but do not heal it from the inside. For deep restoration specialists recommend masks, which should be used once a week, or even less often. It is not necessary to use such products more often.

Online store delivers certified cosmetics for hair all over Ukraine and the WORLD! Germany, Israel, USA, Latin America, Australia, UAE, Netherlands, and many other countries in Europe and the world. If you have any difficulties with the order or the choice of products competent consultants will help decide.

Working with wholesalers

If you are looking for a reliable and honest supplier of goods for your store or beauty salon and want to buy beauty products in bulk at affordable prices? Contact us! We like to start working with new partners and always build stable and long-lasting relationships with them. In our assortment, you will find professional cosmetics, made of quality ingredients, which you can buy in bulk in Ukraine.

Why buy cosmetics in bulk in our online store?

Our store takes care of the given service available not only in Kyiv, Kharkiv, or other cities of Ukraine. We ensure that our services are available all over the world: Warsaw, Prague, Berlin, Paris, Madrid or Barcelona, London or New York, Sydney or Rio de Janeiro. We deliver anywhere in the world.
In cooperation with us, you will find a lot of advantages!

ZAYA online store of hair cosmetics: loyalty system

We bring you some very good news: all ZAYA Club members will get long-awaited discounts on their favorite brands. Become a member of our Club and get a bargain!

We try to make our cooperation with customers as effective and pleasant as possible, that's why together with the company "Ukrposhta" we made free delivery all over Europe and all over the world for our customers! It's easy to buy quality hair care, get a discount and free delivery - just join our bonus program!

Managers of our store will make you favorable offers and tell you about additional options, promotions, and discounts. Our customers get comprehensive benefits from the purchase and cooperation.

Keratin and Botox training for masters

Keratin straightening is a procedure that smooths, treats, and restores the structure of the hair. The active ingredient is keratin, which first coats the outside of the hair, then penetrates deep inside. It is not difficult to learn this procedure, and you can master the knowledge in a short time. A keratin and botox treatment will help you expand your services and increase the number of clients. We can help you learn all the details and nuances of this procedure.

Keratin for hair straightening

Do you dream of having perfectly flat, healthy, and strong hair? Well, today it is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. It is enough to buy keratin for hair straightening in our trusted online store. There is a solid range of products, so each customer can choose for themselves the best option of this or that brand. It is extremely important to determine in advance what product is suitable for you and pay attention to products from popular manufacturers. You can be assured that the catalog of our online store provides cosmetics from the best brands, and knowledgeable consultants at any time will be able to give individual recommendations to customers. Practice shows that today keratin straighteners are a real possibility to get shiny, silky, and smooth curls in the shortest terms. Don't miss it!

Why are more and more women choosing keratin straighteners?

Straightening with keratin is aimed at restoring curls and making them thicker, more manageable, smooth, and shiny. The popular beauty procedure is now carried out in many prestigious beauty salons. Thanks to a variety of cosmetics, it is possible to perform it even at home, but for this, you need to have some knowledge.

To achieve the best result it is necessary to buy keratin hair straightening in a complex format (includes the composition itself, mask, shampoo, and other means). The case of the correct procedure will guarantee a chic result even after the first use.

By the way, the keratin hair straightening Warsaw can be successfully used in relation to hair of any type and length. Even girls with severely damaged hair due to permanent coloring and aggressive chemicals will be able to rely on the shine and silkiness. The formulation of many products contains silk and wheat protein, vitamin and mineral complexes, and panthenol. Most manufacturers enrich the products with valuable oils and extracts of medicinal plants. Keratin straightening can be a real salvation for those who have curly and unruly hair. The procedure will solve the issue of styling for at least a couple of months.

In addition to the fact that the price of keratin straightening is quite acceptable, these means are characterized by many other advantages of type:

— Safety. The keratin itself, which is in the composition of cosmetics, is identical to the natural one found in the hair.
— Effectiveness. Showing results will not keep you waiting, even if the girl has critically damaged hair.
— Efficiency. Almost all products are concentrated.

As practice shows, the result of keratin straightening with quality products is the presence of shiny, manageable, smooth, and healthy hair inside. Specialists advise buying several compositions at a time for a complex effect. In our online store, you can purchase products from trusted manufacturers and brands that have long ago earned the trust of professional masters and stylists. The price for keratin hair straightening in our shop is quite reasonable, so even customers with a minimum budget will be able to make a purchase.

The benefits of coming to us

To make your locks shiny and resilient, it is recommended to try keratin hair straightening products. Once the procedure is completed, the composition will restore the hair structure, glue split ends, and close microcracks. The composition of professional means for the restoration of hair structure includes liquid keratin able to reanimate even the most damaged hair.

As our online store of conditioners offers a huge range of high-quality and effective products for hair restoration, the fair sex will be able to choose for themselves the best options and conduct the procedure at home. Buying such products guarantees the rapid recovery of hair, as a result of which it will become softer and shinier.

As mentioned earlier, the cost of keratin straightening at us is quite acceptable. We offer products of well-known and well-established brands, using which you can count on the most effective result. In the catalog, you will find a wide range of professional products, the reviews of which are extremely positive.

Do you have any additional questions? Then address to our competent managers and consult with them. They will not only help you in choosing but also tell you about the nuances of cooperation with the online store. We are waiting for your call!

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