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Hair cosmetics Fanola

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Fanola is an exclusive hairdressing brand from Italy. All over the world, Fanola No Yellow has become known for its unprecedented results. Fanola, you can find no Yellow shampoo reviews all over the internet, which has suddenly brought this brand to the forefront. Fanola's other products are also of excellent quality and, above all, very affordable. In short, a new professional line is already making a difference in the market. You can purchase all Fanola products inexpensively on the ZAYA website.

What lines does Fanola have in its assortment?

  1. Fanola No Yellow for light and gray hair.
  2. Fanola No Orange - for dark-colored hair
  3. Fanola Nutri Care for dry, curly, or colored hair
  4. Fanola Volume - for lifeless and thin hair
  5. Fanola Curly Shine for curly hair
  6. Fanola After Colour - for colored hair

What exactly is Fanola No Yellow Power?

Fanola owes its fame to the Fanola No Yellow model. The purple pigments in the Fanola silver shampoo are so intense that they effortlessly transform your lukewarm blond hair into cool ashy blond! Your curls are tinted without the use of demi or semi-permanent dyes. And that, of course, is unprecedented! And that's only with silver shampoo. So you understand that Fanola quickly conquered the Ukrainian market. This shows that Fanola is a quality brand.

Does Fanola also have Fanola No Yellow Toner?

Fanola No Yellow shampoo is the best shampoo on the market with the most vital purple pigment. It's almost as strong as the toner, and better said, you don't need it in most cases. It's perfect for home use to keep your beautiful ashy blonde curls or gray tresses without the warm tones. Fanola wouldn't be Fanola if they didn't release a natural toner, the Fanola No Yellow Colour Toner. This toner is very high quality and is an advantage in the market.

What is the history of Fanola?

Fanola is a trendy hairdressing brand from beautiful Italy founded in 2004 by a group of entrepreneurs. They saw different needs in the industry and wanted to offer solutions for them. And they succeeded! In a short time, Fanola has become one of the biggest and most sought-after hairdressing brands in Italy. They are now working hard to build popularity in other countries and are doing well. This success is due in part to the Fanola No-Yellow Shampoo.


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