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Hair serums and fluids

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Buy hair fluid or serum is very important if you want to make your hair soft and shiny, to return them to health and strength. Products have a gentle effect on dry and split ends, hair is smoothed out, which makes the process of combing and further styling easier.

Fluids have a light gel texture, which allows them to take care of hair and helps to fill in various damages. Professionals recommend using the serum daily so that the hair is always protected from UV rays, drastic temperature changes, and the dangerous effects of the environment. The main active component in the product is water, so the hair is not weighed down and is saturated with moisture at a sufficient level.

It has been several years since women were able to buy moisturizing hair products, but in spite of this, their popularity is still growing. Modern brands more and more often replenish their range with new serums and fluids. Their products get a lot of positive feedback from customers in Kyiv and all over Ukraine.

Why buy hair serums?

  • High concentration of active components;
  • Curls become smooth and manageable;
  • hair gets a long-awaited shine;
  • quickly absorbed without weighing the hair;
  • Acts as thermal protection;
  • Stops the appearance of split ends;
  • Helps against unruly hair that's frizzy, split and resistant to styling;
  • Can be used on all hair types;
  • Doesn't need to rinse out.

How to choose a product for your hair type?
If you regularly use serums with synthetic additives, it does more harm to your hair than good. Experts recommend buying products with natural formulas and hypoallergenic chemical ingredients. Cosmetic silicone, ceramides, and liquid silk proteins can strengthen your hair without weighing it down. Olive, cotton, sunflower, or corn oils give your hair valuable micronutrients and make stiff hair softer.

Our catalog includes the following brands:

Online store Say hair cosmetics offers a wide range of serums and fluids at affordable prices. Here you can find serums for hair growth, against hair loss, moisturizing and nourishing products. In addition, the store provides free delivery, so you can easily buy home hair care from Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany, France, the USA, Tokyo, or any other city in the world.


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