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Hair Conditioners

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In our store, you can buy a conditioner for restoring damaged hair, for highlighted and blond hair, a nourishing conditioner, as well as a conditioner for dyed or curly hair. Buying a professional hair conditioner means giving your hair nourishment, moisturizing, and shine! The main task of the product is to preserve moisture in the hair, facilitate combing and further styling. The formula consists of natural ingredients that have a positive effect on hair and skin. To get one step closer to attractive curls, you should buy a conditioner in our online store Zaya cosmetics for hair. 

Hair conditioner: price, reviews, application

The best option would be a product that is part of the same line as the shampoo. The components complement each other, enhance the result and gently care for the strands. Of course, you can use products from different lines and brands. To do this, it is important to determine your hair type. 

The main types are:

  • for dry and damaged hair - designed to deeply moisturize, restore shine and smoothness;
  • for colored and bleached hair - protection from color loss;
  • for curly hair - contains ingredients that make curls manageable;
  • for oily - maintains purity and creates volume, has a balancing effect.

Conditioners have the following effects:

  • Protection of hair color;
  • Creating volume;
  • Maintaining moisture levels in the hair;
  • Boost growth;
  • Reconstruction and strengthening.

Our catalog includes the following brands:

Choosing the right product is not enough, it must be used properly. Before using it, you must read the instructions. To buy conditioner in Ukraine you have an opportunity to use two types - washable and non-washable. In addition, there are several secrets that will help increase the effectiveness of the product. 

  • It is not necessary to apply the product to the roots. It is necessary to distribute the product on the length and ends. The skin itself produces a sufficient amount of oils and by adding extra, you can "lose" the volume at the roots.
  • In order for the active ingredients to get into the cuticle, it is necessary to wait for a little before rinsing the hair. It is enough for 2-3 minutes (maximum 5 minutes) if the instructions do not say otherwise.
  • The product should be applied to damp hair. But if you dry them a little with a towel, it will increase the effect.
  • Excess products will weigh down the hair. For thick and stiff hair, you do not need much more product than for soft and thin hair.

You can buy an air conditioner in ZAYA online store with delivery all over the world from Poland to Portugal, from America to Asia. 


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