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Hair Trial Kits

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We recommend buying keratin, botox, or nano-plastic test kit for hair straightening procedures for masters who want to test a new brand or product. We guarantee that the composition of the samples is 100% the same as the full-size versions, which you can buy on our website at an affordable price and with free delivery. Using mini sizes is as convenient as possible!

You have the opportunity to try the products of a new brand, look at the results and understand if you want to buy a larger volume for further use. A mini will be enough for one or more treatments. Order a batch of several series and stop at what your customers need. The affordable price makes it easy to discard the product if you don't like it. We have keratin hair straightening, Botox, and nano-plastic kits from brands beneliss, Natureza, Love Potion, Vogue Cosmetics, and many others.

The composition of the mini set: technical shampoo + basic straightening composition.


  • Rational use of money;
  • Ability to try formulas from different brands;
  • Ideal for artists at the beginning of their career;
  • A way to expand your range of services, gradually trying something new;

In the range of our online store, you can find mini keratin kits, Botox, and nano-plastics for straightening hair of any type. The popularity of hair restoration procedures is increasing every year, and the demand for this procedure at home is also increasing.

ZAYA online store of hair cosmetics offers not only full-size kits from the best manufacturers but also original trial kits. All items have detailed instructions, and photos, which gives the opportunity to get acquainted with cosmetics before purchase. Our managers will help you to choose and buy the necessary goods based on your preferences. We guarantee free delivery anywhere in the world!


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