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Brand Beneliss

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Beneliss is a new brand of professional cosmetics for hair straightening and restoration. The range includes a wide selection of keratin and Botox products for different hair types. Beneliss products belong to the premium segment of cosmetics for hair modification with high-quality and safe composition. The brand's mission is to create the highest quality products that will be comfortable for the masters and provide the perfect result.

The name "Beneliss" originated from the combination of the Italian word "Bene" (good) and the French word "Lissage" (straightening, smoothing), which fully reflects the main principle of the brand - providing incredible results of straightening and smoothing.

Keratin and Botox for hair straightening by Beneliss

Beneliss offers a range of products for different hair types and needs. Beneliss Benefit Keratin is ideal for medium to strongly curled hair and provides effective straightening and control, while Beneliss Max Power is a powerful keratin for curly and ethnic hair that provides maximum straightening. Beneliss Beneplastia Keratin is a medium strength keratin for colored or blonde hair, providing smoothness and shine, and Brazil Secret is a lightweight keratin, ideal for thin and damaged hair, providing a natural look and nourishing effect. Choose the right product for you and order online with fast worldwide delivery.

Beneliss Botox helps improve hair density and elasticity, making it stronger and less prone to damage. As a result, your hair will look healthy, smoothed, and shiny. In addition, Botox helps smooth the hair cuticle, making it less prone to tangling and electrification. Before using keratin or Botox, be sure to rinse your hair with a deep-cleansing shampoo, and use high-quality home care after the procedure.

Buy Beneliss keratin and Botox in Europe and worldwide

Order the best professional hair care products on the ZAYA website. If you have any difficulties or questions during the ordering process, please contact the managers of our store. We regularly offer discounts on popular products, frequent promotions and sales. Buy Beneliss hair care products today and enjoy healthy and beautiful hair!

Beneliss is a new brand of professional hair straightening and restoration products presented on the ZAYA website. It offers a wide range of keratin and Botox products designed for different hair types. High-quality composition and safe formula ensure perfect results! The name "Beneliss" comes from the combination of the words "Bene" (good) and "Lissage" (straightening, smoothing), which reflects the main goal of the brand - to provide incredible results of straightening and smoothing.

The keratin line includes different variations for different hair needs. From Beneliss Benefit, ideal for medium to strong curls, to Beneliss Max Power, designed for curly and ethnic hair, Beneliss has a solution for everyone. In addition, keratin provides not only straightening, but also deep nourishment, shine and a healthy appearance. Beneliss Botox makes hair strong, supple and shiny. It helps to increase hair density and smooth its surface, preventing tangling and electrification.

On the ZAYA website, you can order Beneliss keratin and Botox with convenient and fast delivery throughout Europe and around the world. Our managers are always ready to help you with placing your order and answer all your questions. Buy Beneliss products today and enjoy healthy and beautiful hair!


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