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Hair Care Lotions

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Hair lotions

Hair lotion is an essential part of home hair care.
If you want your locks to become not only beautiful, but also healthy, then your arsenal of cosmetics must include a lotion. This product can solve many problems: dryness, breakage, hair loss, dandruff, split ends, etc. In the online store Zaya cosmetics for hair there is a wide range of products of this group.

There are two groups of lotions:

  • For hair creation. This category includes products that facilitate combing, remove static charge, and remove graying. With the help of lotion, you can curl the strands or straighten them, adding incredible shine and radiance.
  • Therapeutic. Remove such cosmetic flaws as severe dryness or greasiness, accelerate hair growth, and help cure and prevent the appearance of dandruff. They give softness, and hydration, strands become elastic and resilient and can reconstruct the structure.

How to apply the lotion?
The packaging of means can be any shape, but the manufacturers have taken care to ensure that it was as convenient as possible and corresponded to the purpose of the means. Products for styling are created in the form of sprays. Therapeutic drugs for strengthening and accelerating growth are often placed in ampoules or disposable vials, which makes it possible to strictly regulate the number of doses used. Preparations that work on the roots are packaged in bottles with special applicators or droppers for spot application.

How to apply the lotion:

  • important! be sure to read the instructions, since these preparations have a fairly wide range of activities, there are no general rules for their use;
  • styling products are used as needed and are applied before styling on clean, slightly damp, or dry curls along its entire length;
  • therapeutic options to strengthen the hair follicles do not need to rub strongly, because the intense movement will damage the structure of the follicles;
  • for maximum results, we recommend the right choice of shampoo, balm, hair mask, which have a similar effect;
  • options, aimed at the treatment, are used by courses, the duration of which is set by the manufacturer or appointed by the trichologist.

We have lotions of the following types:

  1. against hair loss;
  2. smoothing lotion;
  3. for hair styling;
  4. for gray hair;
  5. to strengthen hair;
  6. for hair growth;
  7. perms;
  8. hair growth activator;
  9. For curly hair.

Our range includes the following brands:

  1. VITAEL,
  2. PROFIStyle,
  3. Sergilac,
  4. Fanola,
  5. MoroccanOil.

Buy hair lotion on Zaya - the latest prices, reviews
Online store of hair cosmetics Zaya offers a wide range of lotions and hair fluids at affordable prices. Moreover, the store provides free shipping, so you can easily buy hair fluid and other home care products in Warsaw, Prague, Berlin, Barcelona, Madrid, London, or any other city in the world.


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