ZAYA CLUB is a personal discount program for all registered users. We love our customers, and we want to make shopping easy and enjoyable! Especially for this, we have created a bonus program.

Our site has an accumulation discount system for users who order via cart. The purchase amount is credited in the accumulation system after the actual payment for the product. The discount is accumulative and grows together with the number of purchases.

(Prices are in UAH)

You have an opportunity to use the bonuses already during the next order or to accumulate them for future use! You can look at the number of accumulated bonuses in your Personal Cabinet. The bonuses will appear as soon as you receive your order.

Only registered users have the opportunity to use the bonus program. To register, click on the Sign-in button next to the user icon, which is located in the upper right corner of the page.

Why should I use my personal cabinet in ZAYA online store?

You do not have to register on-site to select, make and pay for orders. We have made shopping as easy and comfortable as possible. When ordering you need to specify your full name, phone number, email, and address for delivery of the goods and select a method of payment. Everything looks very simple, but if you miss the registration box, you miss a lot of benefits!

Every registered user has an opportunity:

— Easily and conveniently place orders. You no longer need to re-enter all the personal information (method of delivery and payment, personal information and other);
— The site will automatically recognize you and, where necessary, provide you with ordering information and automatically provide access to your account;
— Edit your data in the Personal Cabinet;
— View the status of payments and goods in the Purchase History;
— If there is a problem the customer can contact the support service, specifying the number of the order. This will greatly facilitate the operator's work and speed up solving the issue;
— To be notified by e-mail about the company's new products;
— To be the first to know about promotions, news, discounts;
— The possibility to create a wish list with the goods you like and keep track of their current prices.

The discount does not apply to promotional goods.

How you can register on our site:

— by email
— Quick registration via Facebook
— Quick registration through Google account

We wish you a pleasant shopping experience!