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Hair bands

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Hair bands are not only an integral part of our daily look, but also an essential accessory for creating a variety of styling. Order hair bands right now on the ZAYA website and get a bonus - free delivery in Ukraine. In Kyiv, pickup or convenient delivery by courier is available. Let your hairstyles amaze the world with ZAYA hair bands!

Types of hair bands at ZAYA

  • Spiral hair bands

They have undeniable advantages, while resembling a wire from an old phone. Firstly, they do not leave visible creases, and secondly, they do not injure or tear out hair. You can easily create a trendy bun or tie a high ponytail without any worries.


  • Invisible elastic bands

These are ultra-thin elastic bands that are matched to the color of your hair. They remain invisible, do not attract attention and are ideal for creating invisible but reliable styling.

  • Volumizing elastic bands

These accessories, made of velvet and silk materials, decorated with beads, beads or stones, became popular in the late nineties and at the dawn of the noughties. They add luxury and style to the look, perfect for special occasions.

How to choose the right hair bands?

Before choosing a hairband, determine the style of your look. Remember that accessories should harmoniously complement the chosen style (classic, sporty chic, etc.). Consider the color of your hair when choosing elastic bands. Contrasting and bright shades often look better while remaining visible among the curls. 

Check the weight of the elastic band, as heavy products can pull strands and even harm curls. Lightweight models will provide comfort while wearing. Consider the thickness and structure of your hair, as some models may be too weak or, conversely, interfere with styling.

Buy hair bands in Kyiv and Ukraine

Not sure which hair bands to choose? Our experts recommend trying spiral silicone options for their practicality and ease of use. Don't forget that hair bands are not only a stylish accessory, but also a practical element that can emphasize your unique style. Choose the perfect hair bands on the ZAYA website!


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