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KayPro - Hair Care Cosmetics

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KayPro: professional hair care

Are you tired of mass-market cosmetics? Looking for something efficient? Try products by KayPro! An Italian company that has been a favorite among women for several years. The brand specialists work non-stop on improving the formulas to make them as effective as possible. They managed to create products that deserve your attention. You will find many new products that will benefit your hair type and structure in a wide range. Ask our managers for advice, and we'll choose the proper care.

KayPro Shampoo - a sign of love for your hair

The range of this trademark has lines that are suitable for any type, length, and quality of strands:

  1. Frequent - for those who daily care for curls.
  2. Volume - when you want to make them thicker, firmer, and more voluminous.
  3. Curl, Liss - if you are tired of unruly, dry, and thin curls.
  4. Macadamia is for regeneration.
  5. Caviar - color retention.
  6. Treasure Oil - deep moisturizing and extra shine.

They are based on the following ingredients:

  • olive oil and argan oil;
  • bee honey;
  • vitamin complex;
  • soy and milk proteins;
  • panthenol and keratin;
  • bamboo extract;
  • wheat extracts.

The result is immediate, now only a light combing and no more tangling. Do you like to change your hair and its color? If so, Caviar Supreme's nourishing serums and regenerating sprays are indispensable. The secret ingredient is natural red caviar, which will help make strands lush, soft, and flowing and keep the color for a long time. Using long-lasting KeyPro cream dyes guarantees the desired result without any harm, thanks to the absence of ammonia in the formula.

Beard Club: quality men's cosmetics

KayPro did not bypass the stronger half of humanity, creating this line. It consists of shaving balms, styling wax, and a comfortable beard brush. Stay confident in any situation.

Are you looking for where to buy KayPro cosmetics in Kyiv? Store will help to solve this problem!

KayPro is a brand created in Italy and is engaged in producing cosmetics for hair care. Their range is suitable for the most demanding customers because each client has the opportunity to choose a good hair care program for himself. This company can be proud that their products are used not only by professional stylists in the salons but also by ordinary girls in their daily home care.

These products make curls beautiful and healthy, preventing breakage of the ends and hair loss. Manufacturers did not stop creating women's cosmetics. They decided to create a men's line. The range and quality of the company are at the highest level, and the price of KayPro products is entirely consistent with the average price in the cosmetics market.

About the company

KayPro products have been known in all countries, including Ukraine, for about 30 years. You can buy their products in more than 40 retail stores. Reviews from many experts suggest that this brand's beauty products meet all standards of quality and safety. The range of goods corresponds to all fashion and modern trends in cosmetology. Professionals are constantly creating new recipes to make their products as compelling and unique as possible. Because all products are created with such attention to detail and dedication, they couldn't help but get the trust and love of so many customers.

What is the composition of KayPro products?

All the ingredients in the formulations of products are entirely natural and environmentally friendly! The company has a line of products, including argan and macadamia oil, keratin and hyaluronic acid products, and anti-aging series. Shampoos and conditioners based on milk, oat and bamboo extracts, avocado, wheat proteins and silk, aloe vera, beeswax, and special care against hair loss. Because the products have so many valuable ingredients, they penetrate deep into the hair structure, moisturize, and make it more voluminous and smooth.

Many serums and sprays have in their composition an essential element - natural red caviar! Everybody knows for a long time about its miraculous properties. It ideally helps colored hair a lot longer, preserving the color of curls. KayPro never ceases to please men with its products. For them, they created separate lines, such as shaving balms, wax, and compact beard brushes. All for their attractiveness and self-confidence!


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