Keratin or Botox hair straightening pads are an integral part of hair care procedures. They are used to strengthen the hair structure before applying keratin or Botox to ensure a long-lasting and visible effect. In this article, we'll take a look at the different types of pads and their functions, as well as share information on how to choose the right pad for your hair type. 

Types of substrates for keratin straightening and Botox

  • Protein (protein) substrates

This type of substrate is designed to create a hair frame by filling in the void. They are ideal for keratin or Botox treatments. Protein pads not only provide a long-lasting effect, but also prevent hair damage.

  • Acidic pads

The main purpose of these pads is to restore and strengthen the hair. They are especially effective for fragile and brittle hair, giving it the necessary volume and elasticity.

  • Lipid substrates

This type of substrate contains fatty amino acids and is intended for dry hair. They prevent dehydration by providing additional nutrition and moisturizing.

Benefits of using primers

There are a number of significant advantages to using pads before keratin straightening or Botox. First, the substrate restores the hair structure, especially where it has lost its elasticity. After applying the substrate, you can immediately start the hair straightening procedure. The compositions of the substrates work effectively, and their positive effect is noticeable after the first use. The hair becomes strong, dense and elastic, giving you the desired result.

The best hair powders: price, reviews, instructions

  • Tyrrel Mel Capilar Honung Honey 

Tyrrel Honung Honey Collagen is an innovative tool for quick curl reconstruction. You can use the drug to reconstruct strands of any level of damage. The composition of the product is 100% organic. The formula is rich in royal jelly, which contains Omega-3, 6 and 9. The product moisturizes the strands due to the presence of collagen, proteins of natural origin and a complex of amino acids. It helps to make hair softer, more elastic and adds the long-awaited shine to curls.

  • Tyrrel Maxxi Therapy Moisture

This is a lipid concentrate for SOS hair restoration of any degree of damage. Tyrrel Maxxi Therapy Moister hair mask positively affects the quality of curls, deeply moisturizes them, protects and makes them softer from the inside. The strands will be smoothed and shiny. The product can be used for hair with any degree of damage. 

  • Molecula brand substrates

Amino acid, protein, or lipid substrate - choose the one that is right for you.  

  1. Amino acid substrate Molecula Amino. An innovative hair reconstruction product containing 17 amino acids. It is used before keratin straightening, Botox or nanoplasty. It restores hair at the molecular level by building a protein framework. It is universal and can be used as a substrate or as a standalone hair restoration product.
  2. Molecula Proteina protein substrate. Protein preparation for hair reconstruction. Contains hydrolyzed proteins and keratin to restore hair structure, give softness and density. Works effectively at the molecular level, ideal for porous hair. The second stage of complex reconstruction, improves hair condition.
  3. Lipid substrate Molecula Lipido. A unique product for restoring the lipid layer of hair at the molecular level. Strengthens hair, makes it smooth and elastic. Creates a protective film, prevents moisture evaporation, gives shine and thermal protection. Provides complete hair restoration and health, acting as a "cement" between the cuticle cells.
  • Beox SOS Unbreakable

Contains powerful amino acids and nourishing oils, restores hair severely damaged by chemical or excessive heat treatments. The product deeply restores hair fibers and gives maximum shine. It is an indispensable tool for hair restoration in critical situations, such as: brittle, very porous or extremely dry hair. 

  • Botex Natureza SOS

Natureza SOS Banho de Vitamina Botox hair restoration is a product that, thanks to natural oils and vitamin E, completely heals curls, but does not have a straightening effect. With the help of this botox, the hair structure is restored, which has suffered from regular dyeing and other chemical influences. It is suitable for all hair types and any hair color. The product contains hydrolyzed keratin, argan oil, moringa oil, and a complex of nourishing vitamins that guarantee treatment, increase in shine and elasticity of curls. 

When do I need keratin substrates?

The use of substrates is not mandatory for everyone. They are recommended for damaged or partially damaged hair that needs additional strengthening. If your hair is strong and dense, the use of a backing agent may not be necessary. It is important to note that for healthy and dense hair, the use of formulations is not necessary.

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