Hair coloring is not only a change in appearance, but also a great strain on the hair structure. Proper care after coloring plays a key role in preserving the color, health and elasticity of the curls. Professional care products for colored hair from well-known brands are becoming an integral part of the beauty ritual. By choosing professional products such as shampoos, masks, and conditioners on the ZAYA website, you can be sure of quality care and preservation of the color intensity of your strands. Enjoy the beauty and shine of your colored hair!

Caring for colored hair at home

Lightening or dyeing with ammonia dyes is a difficult task that requires special attention to curl care. Here are some important aspects of home care for dyed hair that will help you prolong the result after dyeing, as well as maintain the health and beauty of your strands for a long time.

  • Special shampoo for colored hair

Use a special shampoo for colored hair, preferably a sulfate-free one. Its delicate ingredients effectively remove sebum and residues of styling products without damaging the lipid layer of the scalp. Sulfate-free analogs gently cleanse without washing the color out of the hair.

  • Conditioner for colored hair

Use a conditioner from the same line as the shampoo. It will complete the cleansing process by smoothing the hair cuticle and fixing the pigment inside the hair shaft. The care components will provide hair with shine and manageability.

  • Avoid washing out the color

Minimize the washout of color from the hair in the first days after coloring. Massage the scalp, avoiding rubbing the lengths and ends. This will help avoid damaging the curls and washing out the pigment.

  • Masks for colored hair

Be sure to use hair masks. They should be from the same series as the shampoo and conditioner. Moisturizing, light emulsions without natural oils are suitable for colored and bleached strands. Toning masks will also help to maintain the brightness of the color.

Provide your hair with complete care using these simple but effective tips for home care after coloring.

The best cosmetics for colored hair

After coloring your hair, it is especially important to provide it with proper care to maintain its color intensity and natural shine. Professional products from well-known brands can become your reliable ally in this process. Let's take a look at a few products that will help you maintain the beauty and health of your colored hair:

1. Vitael Colored Hair Shampoo and Colored Hair Mask

Vitael Colored Hair Shampoo is designed specifically for gentle cleansing of colored hair. Thanks to its acidic pH, it is ideal for chemically treated hair, preventing color loss and leaving hair soft and shiny. The product also contains an exclusive antioxidant complex of acai oil, fruit acids, vitamins and UV filters that protect hair from external influences.

Vitael Colored Hair Mask perfectly complements the shampoo. The product, also enriched with a complex of acai oil, fruit acids, vitamins and UV filters, gives hair vitality, deeply nourishes it and prevents split ends. Regular use results in soft and silky hair without weighting.

2. Sorry For My Hair Shampoo #24 and Conditioner #34

The Sorry For My Hair brand offers shampoo and conditioner specially designed to care for colored hair. Shampoo #24 with fruit acids smoothes the cuticle of the hair, protecting the pigment from washing out. Essential oils of ylang-ylang and lemongrass add shine and make hair stronger. Conditioner #34 contains a complex of fruit acids, essential oils of ylang-ylang and lemongrass, coconut and macadamia oils. It protects the color pigments from washing out and makes the hair more elastic and soft.

3. Envie Luxury Chromactive Color Protector

Envie luxury chromactive color protector is a line of products for preserving the color of dyed hair. The shampoo with pomegranate extract and alkaline pH effectively cleanses and conditions hair. The active component of liposomes "Chromazone" has an antioxidant effect, prolonging the life of hair color. The mask and fluid for colored and damaged hair also contain pomegranate extract and Chromazone liposome, which provides long-term color stability and deep hair restoration.

4. Extremo For Colored Hair Shampoo

Extremo For Colored Hair Shampoo is an innovative product for intensive care of colored hair. Designed with the needs of damaged and colored strands in mind, this shampoo moisturizes the scalp and hair, removes frizz and makes hair shiny. It is free of sodium laureth sulfate and parabens, but contains passion fruit oil, sunflower oil and conditioning ingredients. This restores shine and helps to retain the coloring pigment inside the hair, slowing down the washout of the color and color fading. The result is colored hair with a bright shade and long-awaited shine.

Buy cosmetics for colored hair in Kyiv and Ukraine

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