Hair cosmetics are special products used to care for hair in order to improve its condition, health and appearance. These professional products contain active ingredients, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that nourish, moisturize, smooth hair, and provide any other desired result. You can buy the best hair products in the ZAYA online store if you want to provide your hair with professional care.

What products should be used for hair?

  1. Cleansing. Shampoos are the main means for cleansing hair from dirt, sebum, styling products and other pollutants. They help to keep the hair and scalp clean.
  2. Moisturizing and nourishing. Conditioners, masks, serums, and fluids contain moisturizing and nourishing ingredients that help retain moisture inside the hair, nourish it, and improve its structure and appearance. They make hair softer, smoother and shinier.
  3. Repair. Some hair products, such as masks, serums, and oils, contain ingredients that help repair damaged hair. They can prevent breakage, split ends from sticking together, and improve the overall condition of the hair.
  4. Protection. Thermal protectants help to protect hair from the negative effects of high temperatures from irons, hair dryers and other thermal tools.
  5. Styling and styling. Hair creams, oils, holders, etc. help to style and style hair in various hairstyles. They provide the necessary hold, volume, flexibility, and shine.

In general, cosmetics are an important tool in hair care, they help to improve the condition of the strands, maintain their health, appearance and emphasize your beauty.

Basic hair care products

Beautiful and healthy hair emphasizes your appearance and gives you confidence, but external factors, stress, chemical treatments, and improper care can negatively affect the condition of our hair. That's why it's important to have basic knowledge of hair cosmetics and how to use them properly.

  • Hair shampoo

Hair shampoo is a cosmetic product specially designed to cleanse the hair and scalp. Its main function is to remove dirt, sebum, styling residues and other pollutants that accumulate on the hair. The shampoo has special detergents that effectively dissolve grease, dust, road dirt and other contaminants that can accumulate on the hair. As a result of using shampoo, hair becomes fresh, clean and more attractive.

In addition to cleansing, shampoos also have additional beneficial properties. For example, some shampoos contain moisturizing ingredients that help maintain the moisture level inside the hair and prevent dryness. Others may contain active ingredients to treat scalp problems such as dandruff, itching, or irritation.

The choice of shampoo depends on your hair type, scalp problems, and personal preferences. There is a wide range of shampoos that differ in their composition, smell, functional properties, and other factors.

However, it's important to remember that frequent use of aggressive shampoos or the wrong choice can cause hair to dry out or irritate the scalp. Therefore, it is recommended to choose shampoos that are suitable for your hair type and take into account its needs.

  • Hair conditioner

A hair conditioner is a cosmetic product that is used after shampooing to improve the condition of your hair. Its main function is to moisturize, smooth and nourish the hair after shampooing. Conditioners contain moisturizing and nourishing ingredients, such as natural oils, vitamins, proteins, and other active ingredients that help improve the structure of the hair, making it softer, smoother, and shinier.

In addition to moisturizing, conditioners also help to comb the strands, reduce damage from combing and prevent split ends. They create a film on the surface of the hair to help retain moisture, protect against external damage, and add extra shine.

The choice of conditioner depends on the type of hair, its needs and personal preferences. There is a wide range of products that have different formulas, scents, and functional properties.

  • Hair mask

Hair mask is an intensive care product that is used after shampooing. It has a more concentrated formula and is designed to deeply nourish, restore and strengthen hair. Masks contain a lot of nutrients that penetrate deep into the hair, nourish it from the inside and repair damaged areas. They provide moisturizing, nourishing, smoothing of hair, and help to retain moisture.

Hair masks have a rich composition, including vitamins, minerals, plant extracts, proteins, oils, and other beneficial ingredients. These ingredients help to repair damaged hair, fill in porous areas, strengthen hair and improve its structure. Masks can also help fight breakage, split ends, dryness and other hair problems.

They are usually applied to damp hair, carefully distributed over the entire length of the hair, paying special attention to damaged areas. Leave the mask on the hair for a certain time, which is indicated on the package or instructions, after which it is washed off with warm water.

  • Serums and fluids for hair

Serums and hair fluids are special hair care products that have a light, liquid, or gel-like consistency. They are used for a variety of purposes, such as moisturizing, nourishing, repairing, protecting, and styling. These products have a concentrated formula, which allows them to penetrate deep into the hair and act more intensively.

Hair serums and fluids can contain a variety of active ingredients, such as vitamins, amino acids, plant extracts, proteins, oils, and other nutrients. They can be specially formulated for different hair needs, such as moisturizing dry hair, protecting against heat damage, repairing damaged hair, or increasing volume.

Hair serums and fluids are applied after shampooing and conditioning or can be used as a standalone care product. They are usually applied to damp or dry hair, spreading over the entire length of the hair or focusing on certain areas, depending on the needs. Serums and fluids are quickly absorbed and do not leave a greasy or heavy film.

  • Thermal protection for hair

Thermal protection for hair is a special product designed to protect hair from damage caused by high temperatures when using thermal devices such as a hair dryer, hair iron or brush. The main function of thermal protection is to create a barrier between the hair and the thermal tool. It forms a thin film on the surface of the hair that protects it from high temperatures and prevents damage, which can include burning, breakage, dryness and loss of moisture.

Heat protectants contain special ingredients such as silicones, polymers, or natural oils that help distribute and dissipate heat across the hair's surface, reducing its harmful effects. Some heat protectants also contain nourishing ingredients that nourish and repair the hair during the use of thermal devices.

  • Hair oils

Hair oils are products containing various types of natural or artificial oils that are intended for hair care. They are used to moisturize, nourish, protect, and improve the overall condition of the hair. Hair oils have a light texture and can contain various types of oils, such as argan oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, macadamia oil, jojoba oil, and many others. Each type of oil has its own beneficial properties and may have specific hair benefits.

Hair oils have a number of beneficial effects. They moisturize dry hair and form a protective barrier that prevents moisture loss. Oils also nourish the hair, providing it with essential nutrients that keep it healthy and strong. They can improve hair texture, reduce split ends, and provide shine and smoothness.

Usually, they are applied to damp or dry hair, distributed over the entire length of the hair or emphasizing damaged areas or hair ends. The oil can be left on the hair for a while to absorb, or used before styling to improve maneuverability and control.

  • Hair creams

Hair creams are products that have a creamy consistency and are intended for hair care. They contain various active ingredients that nourish, moisturize, protect and style the hair. They may contain moisturizing and nourishing ingredients such as vegetable oils, vitamins, proteins, glycerin, panthenol, and other ingredients that nourish the hair and keep it healthy.

Hair creams have a number of beneficial effects. They moisturize dry hair, help retain moisture and prevent moisture loss. Creams also make hair easier to comb, softer and smoother. They can protect hair from environmental damage, heat damage, and UV rays. Some creams also have styling properties that help to style hair, give it shape, hold and shine.

Care recommendations for different hair types

  • For oily hair, use shampoos that do not dry out the scalp, avoid heavy conditioners or oil-based products that can increase oiliness. Use masks only on the ends of the hair.
  • For dry hair, use moisturizing shampoos and conditioners, and apply nourishing masks regularly. Use oils or serums to restore moisture.
  • For damaged hair, use restructuring shampoos and conditioners, apply masks with a regenerating effect, and use serums or fluids to repair damaged hair.
  • For dull hair, use shine shampoos and conditioners, as well as products for colored hair. Use oils or serums for a natural glow.

It's important to remember that every hair is unique, so it may take a little experimentation to find the best products and routine for your hair. Following the basic steps of care and using the right products will help keep your hair healthy, strong and attractive.