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Hair straightening and restoration Eckoz Professional

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Buy Eckoz Professional for hair straightening and restoration is a revolutionary new brand from the United States, which has recently managed to declare itself as a manufacturer of high-quality and reliable products. Every day it is gaining more and more loyal fans around the world. Eckoz Professional is a rebranding of another famous brand - Daniel Philipp. However, this time the creators decided to use all their experience to produce the perfect product.

Keratin and Botox (Max Blowout)

The employees already had 30 years of experience, so the company immediately began to produce a high-quality products. In a fairly short time, the preparations became associated with luxury products. If you decide to buy Eckoz Professional, you can confidently count on getting premium products that have these benefits:

  • Almost instant results, for which you do not need to wait for 3 days;
  • pleasant enough smell;
  • does not affect the volume change in any way;
  • increases the strength of curls;
  • You can see the result after the first use;
  • the cumulative effect after each use;
  • increasing shine.

The company specialists were able to get a really effective and safe composition more than five years ago. Since then, the products have received many awards and recognition from cosmetic industry professionals around the world. The peculiarity of the production process is that brand professionals develop their own keratin. This allows standardization of quality and always get really effective products that will be more than competitive both worldwide and in Ukraine.

How to use the products Max Blowout?

In order not to damage the hair and not harm the body, it is very important to use them correctly. That is why you should first consider all the contraindications. Keratin and Botox can not be used:

  • In the period of lactation;
  • during pregnancy;
  • If there are wounds or scratches on the head;
  • uncontrolled hair loss;
  • in case of diseases.

A trichologist should be consulted if additional diseases or problems are present.

Such products will be particularly effective if the hair:

  • frizzy;
  • frizz;
  • have been treated with too strong chemical compositions, after which they have lost their appearance;
  • are brittle, dry.

Where to buy Botox and Keratin Max Blowout in Europe and all over the world?

You can buy Max Blowout from Eckoz Professional in Europe and worldwide in our online store. We offer an incredibly wide range of cosmetics with which your curls will shine as never before.

Max Blowout is known for its professional line of hair straightening and restoration products. These products not only provide perfect smoothness, but also help restore the health and attractive appearance of the strands. The brand's assortment includes keratin products, Botox, and daily care cosmetics.

One of the key products is Max Blowout keratin, which makes hair perfectly straight, smooth, and shiny by restoring its structure. The available options, such as Premium, Ultimate, or Amazon Acai & Guarana, take into account the diverse needs of users. In addition, Bottoplex Max Blowout Botox is designed to smooth and restore dry and damaged hair. This product combines three concepts - botox, collagen and olaplex - to provide intensive moisturizing and reconstruction of the hair shafts. To prepare for the procedures, Max Blowout technical shampoos are used, which deeply cleanse the hair from dirt and residues of other cosmetics.

You can buy Max Blowout products in the ZAYA store. By purchasing it, you can be sure of the quality and effectiveness of the products that will help you maintain the health and beauty of your hair.


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