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Hair Cosmetics TOP BEAUTY

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The great idea is to buy a scalp cleanser, mask, or shampoo from TOP Beauty. We recommend buying TOP Beauty because it's a Ukrainian skincare brand operating in Dnipro since 2017. They focus on using natural ingredients in their products and have a small in-house craft production process to ensure the highest quality. 

They are known for their commitment to organics and use only natural ingredients. The brand produces cosmetic products for hair, face, and body care. In the ZAYA store, you can find products for any needs of your strands.

TOP Beauty products have been highly praised by users for their quality, with many noting the effectiveness of hair restoration kits and the mild nature of shampoos and masks, especially for those with sensitive skin. The brand also receives particularly positive feedback on its coconut oil products, with customers praising their quality and aroma and the absence of aggressive sulfates. 

Popular hair products from TOP Beauty include a line with coconut oil, an anti-hair loss series, and keratin, peeling, and laminating products. 

You can buy a sulfate-free shampoo from the coconut series for moisturizing and restoring, a supplementary mask for dry, regular, and brittle hair, and a multifunctional spray. Combining these products will help smooth damaged hair, saturate it with an oil and keratin complex for incredible shine and softness, and give the strands a pleasant coconut scent. You can try the TOP Beauty mask, rich in coconut and argan oil, silk, keratin, biotin, and arginine for an even more intense restorative effect.

A unique series of shampoos, masks, serums, and sprays will effectively help against hair loss. The products contain many active natural ingredients aimed at strengthening hair follicles. These are brewer's yeast and ginseng root extract, mustard oil, burdock hydrolyte, menthol, and a complex of vitamins. In combination, they stimulate the growth of new hairs and prevent hair loss.

You should also pay attention to unique keratin for hair, which can be added to your favorite products, and a thermal protection sprays with keratin and argan oil, which protects the strands and creates a laminating effect on them.

All these products are available in the ZAYA online store with delivery throughout Ukraine.


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